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Meet Earl and Santana Payne,

the founders of Payneting with Love!
Established in 2020, these two lovebirds are ready to share their love of art with you.

Earl is the artist and Santana has always encouraged him to express his gift and showcase his talent.
Art is a family pastime for the Payne family, and they love to see it in its many forms!

The two share four amazing children, Frank, Mir, Niyah, and Nas, and a beautiful grandson, Paxton, who all inspire the love of creativity.

This is not your ordinary painting experience, as they want you to know, that each canvas is made with the love of the Payne household.

There is an intimate and personal touch to their style and what they bring to each custom canvas design. Their goal is to provide quality art fora relaxing and enhancing painting experience. They truly believe when you combine the love of art with the love of those around you, everything else is just existing.

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